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Career Resource Center

Virtual Resources

Virtual Resources for Your Career Development

The goal of this page is to provide all of the Career Center’s virtual resources that you can use from the safety of your own home to continue or begin the journey to your career. The Career Center staff’s main goal during this trying time is to provide the same quality of service we provided in-person, on campus, in a virtual format. You can view all of Please see below for the following information:

  • Scheduling a virtual appointment with the Career Center staff!
  • Virtual Drop-in Hours
  • Virtual Graduate School/Career Fairs, Webinars and much more! 
  • Career Guides
  • Effective Interviewing
  • Job and Internship Search
  • Networking
  • Resume Examples by Major
  • Still trying to choose a major or career path?


 Scheduling a Virtual Appointment with the Career Center Staff!

For Fall 2020 the Career Center will be meeting with students and alumni through virtual appointments. Please use the links below to schedule an appointment.

Christine Daly: Business & CS/Engineering
Beth King: Internship Coordinator
Samantha Lopes: Education & Science
Dawn McCaw: Assistant Director | F&PA
Mark McFadden: Director
Nicole St. Onge: Liberal Arts & Sciences

OR please call 845-257-3265

Virtual Drop-in Hours
Monday-Thursday 12-4pm 
Access Drop-in Hours HERE

Virtual Graduate School/Career Fairs, Webinars and much more! 

Visit our office-campus events page for a list of virtual graduate school/career fairs, webinars and much more! This page is updated frequently, so please check back for updates. 

Career Guides

Use the below links to access our career guides

Applying to Graduate School
Building a Great Student LinkedIn Profile
Career Planning and Choosing a Major
Cover Letter Writing Guide
Effective Interviewing
Internship Search
Job Search
Resume Writing Guide

Effective Interviewing

Big Interview

Big Interview is an online system that combines training and practice to help improve your interview technique and build your confidence.  For more information and how to access the system please visit here. Both students and alumni can use Big Interview free of charge.  

Big Interview User Guide

Job and Internship Search

Career Shift

CareerShift offers the most comprehensive online resource, designed to support the # 1 request of job seekers: an easy to use web site to conduct and organize their job search. For more information and how to access the system please visit here. Both students and alumni can use CareerShift to search free of charge.  


The Career Resource Center's online posting database for volunteer, internship and full-time opportunities. From your my.newpaltz.edu home page click on internships and careers, then HawkHire. Both students and alumni can use HawkHire to search free of charge.  

Additional Resources:
2020 Internship Status - COVID-19
Candor: Who's Freezing Hiring from Coronavirus


mentor network

The SUNY New Paltz Career and Mentorship Network is an online platform of SUNY New Paltz alumni who provide advice and guidance to students and fellow alumni.  Create an account now to set up a career conversation!

Resume Examples By Major

The Career Center has created resume examples to fit many of the majors offered at SUNY New Paltz. You can access them here.

Additional Online Resources

Career Contessa
Indeed Career Guide
The Vault