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Internships: Stories of One True Thing

CRC Cover Page Internship 1.2019 Spotlight  The path toward career-readiness is filled with many options: internships, applied learning, fellowships, work-study…there is no wrong way to gain real-world experience before you graduate. The decisions you make now contribute to a career that is unique to you—that’s why hands-on experience is so valuable.

Here’s what we know:
   - When SUNY New Paltz students get out there and give their all, they fly higher and
  - At the heart of student success is a willingness to seek out opportunities

It can be hard to know where to start;
take your first steps with the 
Career Resource Center! 

Search for hundreds of internship opportunities using resources provided by the Career Resource Center. Visit the Internship Search page and/or make an appointment with a Career Coach!

Christine Daly: Business & Engineering
Beth King: Internship Coordinator
Samantha Lopes: Education & Science
Dawn McCaw: Assistant Director | F&PA
Mark McFadden: Director
Nicole St. Onge: Liberal Arts & Sciences
Erica Wagner: Service Learning Coordinator

OR please call 845-257-3265 

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