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Samantha Lopes

Samantha Lopes

Samantha Lopes (She, Her, Hers)
Senior Career Specialist for Education and Science

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Samantha works with the following majors: 
Education Programs: Adolescence Education, Early Childhood Education, MSEd, MAT, MPS
Science Programs: Astronomy, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Geochemical Science, Geological Sciences, Mathematics, Physics

Since starting at New Paltz, Samantha's passion for providing comprehensive career programming and consulting has only grown. She strives to develop positive relationships within the New Patlz community, with the hopes to increase students' career readiness. It is her primary goal as a Career Specialist to empower students to be active in their career decisions and preparation.

As the Senior Career Specialist for Education and Science, Samantha creates programs, workshops and events to the enhance the career exploration and competencies of these two student populations.  For the past five years Samantha has held the Exploring Alternatives to Medical School Panel Discussion, to provide science majors who are interested in working in the health sector and in helping professions with an overview of careers that encompass both of these traits. In addition, every spring SUNY New Paltz hosts the Mid-Hudson Regional Teacher Recruitment Day, which Samantha coordinates. This event gives teacher candidates an opportunity to be pre-selected for on-campus interviews for full-time teaching positions.

Samantha oversees the offices social media accounts and works with an intern to create marketing campaigns for the offices events.  In addition, she supervises and trains the offices Peer Advising interns, who conduct resume revews with students during drop-in hours.

Samantha is also an instructor for two sections of the School of Business Internship & Career Practicum course, a class designed to focus student attention on their career plan and to prepare students for successful entry into the professional business environment.