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Instructional design and remote teaching clinics

Posted on: Saturday, March 14, 2020 at 10:42 AM

Dear faculty,

In addition to the institutional supports that Kate and Rich are providing in OIT, please consider making use of the instructional design and remote teaching clinics that SUNY is providing, beginning today.  Details follow below, and please note that some are content specific. 

Also, many thanks, again, to all of you who are sharing your remote teaching experience with colleagues.  In addition to the peer mentoring that we are organizing, many individuals and departments are organizing general or disciplinary sessions where colleagues can assist one another.  As I know is already happening in some departments, faculty may want to organize some departmental workshops where those more experienced with Blackboard, WebEx, and other remote tools can share with disciplinary colleagues who many be new to those technologies and to remote teaching pedagogies. It can be especially helpful to work with colleagues in your own or related disciplines as they are often more familiar with the specific disciplinary resources and needs you may have.

SUNY Drop-in Instructional Design Support Sessions 

(Beginning Today)

SUNY has organized live, drop-in, sessions via Zoom video conference to assist faculty with remote course preparation. These sessions began today and are available 7 days a week. Staff are available, live, now to assist! Sessions will be staffed with instructional designers and online learning professionals to assist with faculty questions. They anticipate questions about how to move face-to-face activities, assignments, assessments, etc., into a manageable, online learning experience for your students. Staff are available at the days and times listed below:

  • Monday - Friday 7:00AM - 12:00AM Midnight EST
  • Saturday 10:00AM - 5:00PM EST
  • Sunday 1:00PM - 9:00PM EST

To join a live, drop-in web meeting visit:

Register Today for Sessions in the SUNY Remote Teaching Clinic

Upcoming webinars, which begin 3/17, are organized into two categories: Technical Training and Remote Instruction Skills. The Clinic webpage has a third tab that will house recordings of each webinar if you can’t attend or miss a session.  

Current offerings in Technical Training focus on utilization of Blackboard. Offerings in Remote Instruction are more content and process based:

  •  Effective Online & Distance Teaching in the Visual and Performing Arts Dr. Nicola Marae Allain
  • Natural Sciences at a Distance: Making the Move and Meeting the Learning OutcomesAudeliz Matias, Catherine Gleason, Sujatha Kadaba, & Mary Mawn
  • Advising Remotely: Tips and Tricks for Advising Students from a DistanceDr. Michele Forte and Dr. Larry Dugan 
  • Coping Strategies for Remote Instructors: Dr. Michele Forte
  • Best Practices for Online Paper Submissions and Grading:  Mary Seel

Register today! New offerings will be posted regularly. You can make a request for certain topic and they will work to find a SUNY expert, just fill out this workshop request form.  

 As a reminder, these faculty training resources and more are posted on:  

Be well,

Shala Mills

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