Educational Opportunity Program

Gifts to EOP

"Once EOP always EOP ....... EOP Pride!"

Dear Alumni and Friends of EOP,

The year 2007 marked the 40th anniversary of EOP. The continued success of our program has earned its members and supporters a great deal of pride! Each new graduating class adds another year of proof that EOP not only works, but exceeds expectations. These successes are possible because of the tremendous effort by the EOP staff, family members, alumni, faculty, college staff, and, of course, our students.

As you already know, EOP students continue to succeed because of the access to comprehensive services the EOP program provides. We would like to maintain this tradition of providing opportunities to so many EOP students but need your help. To help support the legacy of EOP success, we have established the EOP Support Fund.

Your contribution will help support activities such as:

-Peer Mentoring Initiatives  
-Alumni Reunions      

-XAE Academic Honor Society                         
-EOP Student Socials             
-Staff Development                                      
-Alumni and Student Networking Events
-Developmental Workshops                           
-Student Initiatives     
-Graduate School Application Fees                  
-Graduation Receptions and
 Induction Ceremonies

Integrating a timeless mission with current needs and evolving dynamic services means strengthening those with lasting results and implementing new ideas in key areas. This fund will help to provide and maintain services and events that touch all of our students. Funding for EOP reunions and EOP Alumni/Student networking events is limited within the program’s budget. These events open so many career opportunities and enriching experiences.

In recent years, targeted student initiatives have allowed EOP to address the specific needs that our students present. Your support will help address EOP’s current demands and keep these initiatives running.

We are key partners in providing the best developmental program to New Paltz EOP students. Certainly, New Paltz would not be where it is today without the continued generosity of so many alumni and friends. Let us continue to work together to make a difference!

We look forward to your gift to the EOP Support Fund. Your gift will help ensure that EOP students continue to flourish today and into the future. Remember, a gift of any amount will make a difference in the life of a student at New Paltz. Help us make that difference to exceed expectations!

We are deeply grateful for your love of New Paltz and your commitment to EOP students.

Make your gift today! EOP SUPPORT FUND

On the Foundation Form where it states “please direct my gift to,” if you designate “The EOP Support Fund” in the “Other” category, we can assure you that your contribution will be used to directly support EOP at New Paltz.

Thank You!