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Testing Schedule

On-Campus COVID-19 Testing Schedule and Instructions


Testing is provided by ENZO Labs in the ground level of Awosting Hall.

By appointment only - use the "schedule your appointment" link below to see available dates and times.


For students/faculty/staff with Enzo Laboratory for individual PCR testing.


  1. Use this link to register an account with ENZO LabsYou only need to register one time. After you have completed the registration, please use the scheduling link in step 2 to make your all your appointments going forward.
  2. Use this link to schedule your appointment at Awosting Hall. If you have not yet registered with ENZO Labs, please go to step 1 and complete the registration form first.

Where the registration form asks for "Student ID", Students, Faculty, and Staff should enter the ID Number on their SUNY New Paltz ID Card that starts with 'N0. If you cannot find your ID Number, please email the Health Service at and we will provide it to you.


Surveillance Testing Policies - Spring 2022

Everyone, whether vaccinated or not, is strongly encouraged to get tested if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Unvaccinated students, faculty and staff must test for COVID-19 every week they are on campus.

Vaccinated students, faculty and staff will be required to participate in periodic surveillance testing, with one exeption: Anyone who gets their COVID-19 booster and uploads to the COVID-19 Profile at will not be required to participate in surveillance testing (though they may still opt into testing at any time).

Click here to view the surveillance testing schedule for employees in spring 2022.

Click here to view the surveillance testing schedule for students in spring 2022.

You may also choose to be tested off campus. Those who are tested off campus must upload their results via their COVID-19 profile at for them to fulfill the testing requirements described above. 

**Off-campus tests must be PCR tests. We do not accept antigen tests**

Off-campus test results must include your full name, type of test, date of test collection, and results of the test. Any tests missing that information will not be accepted.