IDMH Stories



The Orocovis Mural - Alyssa Dudinyak: "I worked tirelessly for five days from 7 AM each day until dark. Five days after my second arrival, I finished the mural by flashlight, an hour before I had to leave for my flight."

Read the story of Alyssa Dudinyak, a student who was commissioned to paint a mural in Orocovis, Puerto Rico to showcase the recovery efforts of the community there after the effects of Hurricane Maria. 



Service Trip to Coastal Bend - Joseph Foster: “I wanted to take photos at all of the sites, because no one else was really documenting it,” Foster said. “We were trying to help them rebuild their homes and rebuild their lives. We don’t want to leave them behind.”

This is what student Joesph Foster had to say about his service trip to Coastal Bend, Texas to assist the community with reconstruction almost 2 years after the destruction of Hurricane Harvey hit the region.