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The Self Monitor: "Congressman Antonio Delgado's Interview with Emeritus Professor James Halpern About COVID-19" 04 23 20

WAMC Northeast Public Radio: "51% #1604: COVID-19 Psychological First Aid; Climate Music Interprets Sea Level Rise" 04 22 20

SUNY Blog: "Mental Health Matters - Managing Stress, Anxietym and Emotions During A Pandemic" 04 21 20

WAMC Northeast Public Radio: "IDMH Director Discusses Psychological First Ain in COVID-19 Crisis" 04 07 20

The Weather Channel: "Tips to Keep a Positive Attitude in the World of Coronavirus" 03 27 20

Hudson Valley One: "SUNY institute offers training to cope with coronavirus stress and disruption" 03 25 20

UNICEF USA: "UNICEF USA and SUNY New Paltz to Train Mental Health Professionals from Puerto rico's Deptarment of education in Truama Management" 02 26 20

University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus: "Director of the Institute for Disaster Management in the Mental Health Area of SUNY visits the campus to provide training" 02 03 20

The Poughkeepie Journal: "In wake of Puerto Rico earthquakes, New Paltz faculty provides mental health, trauma training" 01 27 20

WNYT: "SUNY focus on military members and the classroom" 11 06 19

The Daily Gazette: "Recovery from tragedy could take years, experts warn educators" 08 17 19

New Paltz News: "Disaster Practicum caps spring semester with on-site recovery work in Texas floodplain" 06 13 19

Daily Freeman: "SUNY Conference June 7 Focuses on Disaster Response" 05  30  19

The Huffington Post: "We Need To Talk About Survivor's Guilt" We Need To Talk About Survivors Guilt

Heavy: "Calvin Desir: Second Parkland Student to Die by Suicide Identified" 03_26_19

The Cut: What Happens to the Mental Health of School-Shooting Survivors?" What Happens to the Mental Health of School-Shooting Survivors?

The Daily Beast: "From Parkland to Sandy Hook, Trauma of School Shootings Haunts Survivors for Decades" 03_25_19

Newsday: "Colleges work to do more for veterans on campus" 02_15_19

WAMC: "Schoharie Deaths Could Take Traumatic Toll For Families, Responders" 10_13_18

WAMC: "SUNY New Paltz Students Discuss Trip To Puerto Rico" 08_10_18

Poughkeepsie Journal: "Meet the Poughkeepsie student who repaired homes in Puerto Rico" 08_06_18

US News: "New York Helps Puerto Rico Recover From Hurricane Maria" 05_29_18

The Daily Freeman: "Dutchess Agency Offers Psychological First Aid Courses March 22" 03_15_18

The Washington Post: "Floods and Fires make Americans rethink their love affair with stuff" 10_25_17

The Daily Freeman: "SUNY New Paltz Part of Collaborative Effort in Haiti" 09_26_17

UBNow: "Social Work Part of Statewide Collaboration to Build Sustainable Village in Haiti" 09_25_17

Times Herald Record: "Editorial: Kudos to Those Who Have Heart" 09_11_17

Times Herald Record: "SUNY New Paltz Trains Students to Offer Public Mental Health Aid in Disasters" 09_04_17

New Paltz Oracle: "Newtown: Examining Loss Through a New Lens" 03_09_17

The Newtown Bee: "Panel Discussion to Follow SUNY New Paltz Screening of Newtown" 03_04_17

Chronogram: "Documentary Screening of Newtown at SUNY New Paltz" 02_28_17

Daily Freeman: "Newtown Documentary will be Shown at SUNY New Paltz, March 7th, 2017" 02_24_17

WAMC: "Disaster Mental Health Conference Focuses on Mass Transportation" 04_14_16

WAMC: "SUNY New Paltz Students Study Disaster Preparedness in Israel" 01_25_15

WAMC: "Psychological First Aid is Practiced in the Middle East" 08_05_14

NBC News: "Boston Bomb Attack Triggered PTSD in Local Kids, Study Finds" 06_03_14

WAMC: "SUNY New Paltz Institute Director Provides Support at 9/11 Museum" 05_15_14

CNN - Piers Morgan Live: "The emotion of the Landslide and FLT 370" 03_25_14

CCTV America: "Dealing with the Grief in the Media Spotlight" 03_25_14

NBC News: "Text Message to Passenger Families a 'Secondary Trauma,' Grief Experts Say" 03_24_14

The New Paltz Oracle: "Teaching Through the Trauma" 01_30_14

Times Herald-Record: "SUNY New Paltz Group Teaches in Israel" 01_20_14

NBC News: "Crisis Counseling After a Disaster: Does Anything Really Help?" 12_14_13

Huffington Post: "Is Disaster Mental Health Helpful? Revisiting the Response to Sandy Hook"  12_04_13

WAMC: "Veteran Reporter and Mental Health Expert Discuss Train Derailment"  12_02_13

WAMC: "Mental Health Counselors Receive Training to Help Military Families"10_11_13

Poughkeepsie Journal: "Residents Experience a Familiar Fear After Navy Yard Shooting" 09_17_13

New Paltz Times: Dealing with Planned Disasters" 06_27_13

WAMC: "Mental Health Providers to Gain Skills to Help Veterans" 06_26_13

WAMC: "Disaster Mental Health Conference Focuses on Radiological Readiness" 04_18_13

WAMC: "Interview with Dr. James Halpern: Disaster Mental Health Institute Director" 01_08_13

Times Herald-Record: "SUNY New Paltz Trauma Expert Counseled Newtown Families" 12_31_12

American Red Cross: "Local Red Cross Deploys to Newtown, CT" 12_19_12

The New Paltz Oracle: "Red Cross Shelter Set Up During Sandy" 11_15_12

The New Paltz Oracle: "IDMH Conference Will Address Needs of Trauma Workers" 03_29_12

The New Paltz Oracle: "Psychoeducational Material to be Dispersed"   03_01_12

News Pulse: "Professor assists in Newtown, Conn."  01_14_12

Times Herald-Record: "9/11 Anniverary: Advice at SUNY New Paltz: Move on, but Remember"  09_10_11

Health News Daily: "How 9/11 Memorials Break Isolation, Offer Comfort" 9_10_11

New York Times: "Colleges Now Offering Education in Disaster" 06_09_11

Times Herald-Record: "Lessons from 9/11 reviewed at event at SUNY New Paltz" 04_08_11

WAMC: "IDMH Conference Explores Ties Between Disasters, Mental Health" 04_11_11

Times Herald-Record: "SUNY Panel Discusses Effects of Crisis on Japan, World at Large" 03_18_11

Times Herald-Record: "SUNY Educator Helps Find Ways to Ease Nuke-Scare Panic" 03_17_11

Poughkeepsie Journal: "Mid-Hudson Residents Remember Helping out After Katrina" 08_27_10

Times Herald-Record: "My View: The Traumatic Impact of the WTC Attack and Misappraisal of Risk" 09_15_09

Times Herald-Record: "Crisis Response gets 'Savvier' at SUNY New Paltz" 02_09_09

Times Herald-Record: "Caring for Veteran's Mental Health" 04_12_08

News Pulse: "9/11 call of duty" 10_08_07

Poughkeepsie Journal: "SUNY Course Gets Aid"  09_10_06

Poughkeepsie Journal: "SUNY Program Studies Effect of Disasters" 09_10_06

Times Herald-Record: "New Paltz Student Learns First Hand About Social Service" 01_10_06

Times Herald-Record: "No Words to Describe New Orleans" 01_10_06

Times Herald-Record: "SUNY Students Learn Lessons from Survivors" 01_13_06

Times Herald-Record: "Mercy Mission Completed" 01_20_06

Red Cross: "SUNY Students Learn Real Life Lessons as Katrina Volunteers" 02_28_06

USA Today: "It Was Bad News" 12_28_05

Daily Freeman: "SUNY Students Learn Disaster Relief" 09_18_05