Sydney CashSydney Cash, Brooch2008Five etched glass cabochons, metal foils, platingApproximately 2 x 2 in.Gift of Julie Cash2017.005.002

Sydney Cash, Brooch


In addition to its extensive collection of paintings, drawings, sculpture, and photography, The Dorsky Museum has a distinguished collection of artist-made jewelry. Hudson Valley sculptor, painter, light artist, and jeweler Sydney Cash’s exquisite brooch is a form of wearable sculpture. In talking about his art, Cash says: “I have a sense of understanding [light] as volume, the way it move[s], the way it can be manipulated.” Fashioned from contemporary materials, the etched glass cabochons of the brooch catch and reflect glowing light. Cash sees himself as “an inventor of ways to manipulate materials.” Here, the contrasting shine of thin metal foils intensifies the experience of light which is central to the piece. Color, another critical aspect of light, is beautifully rendered in the soft translucence of aqua and pink frosted glass; while the patterns of the sharper pink etched cross-hatching and metallic threads energize the glow. The form of the piece, five luminous globes nestled together, their essence vaguely molecular, compounds the expression of light in this elegant creation. More about Sydney Cash can be found at

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