Text/ures of Iraq: Contemporary Art from the Collection of Oded Halahmy

Curated by Murtaza Vali

February 4 – May 21, 2017
Howard Greenberg Family Gallery

Hanaa Mal-Alah (b. 1958, thee Qar, Iraq), Uruk Wall, 2006, Mixed media on carved wood, courtesy Pomegranate Gallery

Drawn from the personal collection of New York-based sculptor Oded Halahmy, a Jewish native of Baghdad, this exhibition presents his work alongside that of eight contemporary artists from Iraq, organized around the notions of text and texture. The varied works in the exhibition range from examples of modern Arabic and Hebrew calligraphy, illustrating texts from both Western and Islamic philosophical traditions, to those that evoke hurufiyah, an influential modern Arab variant of Lettrism, which used the swoops and curves of the Arabic alphabet as painterly gestures.  From abstract collages constructed out of the remains of destroyed books to the Hebrew calligraphy seen in Halahmy’s art, these works demonstrate the importance of the literary—of letters, words, and books—in Iraqi society, culture and visual arts, both past and present.

Participating Artists:

Hayder Ali

Amal Alwan

Mohmammed al Hamadany

Oded Halahmy 

Ismail Khayat

Hana Mal-Allah

Hassan Massoudy

Naziha Rashid

Qasim Sabti


Undercurrents: 2017 Hudson Valley Artists

Curated by Livia Straus

June 10 — July 30, 2017
Alice and Horace Chandler and North Galleries

Michael Washburn, Resource Recovery – Charles Point, 2016, inkjet print on paper, courtesy the artist

Michael Washburn                
Resource Recovery – Charles Point, 2016
Inkjet print on paper
20 x 16 in.
Courtesy the artist

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