Scholar's Mentorship Program

Student Impact
Samuel Darkwah Boahen

Samuel Darkwah Boahen '18

"The Margaret Wade Lewis Memorial Scholarship has affirmed to me that though we have individual struggles, coming together as a collective can cultivate opportunities for others. Several people giving a little, contributes to the process of giving a lot to many young people. Though the structures and dynamics of society may seem to be shaped and perceived otherwise, there are, indeed, resources available to help those who would otherwise not have access. That source is the generous hearts of the donors who made this support possible. This inspires me to want to become a part of that process for so many other young people."



Valerie Pereya '20

"Receiving the Margeret Wade Memorial Scholarship Endowment has been such a help financially and allowed me to stay at SUNY New Paltz. I get to focus on my studies and enjoy the college experience with the extra monetary support from the scholarship instead of worrying to pay my tuition."



Simone Williams '18

"The Scholar's Mentorship Program is the family that I did not know that I needed in New Paltz. I was invited to join this program as a first-year student and as I am getting prepared to Graduate four years later, I will be eternally grateful to the people who make up SMP. Within this program, I've learned tools necessary to navigate this world as a young, black woman. I've met some lifelong friends and I've seen with my own eyes the benefits of creating and upholding a community, in spaces where you may not always feel included. SMP is the epitome of "It takes a village." Receiving the Dr. Margaret Wade-Lewis Memorial Scholarship was yet another way I've been blessed by this program. This money helped alleviate my tuition balance and prevented me from having to take out yet another student loan. Thank you SMP!"


Greyson Thomas

Greyson Thomas '19

"With the Margaret Wade Lewis Memorial Endowment Scholarship, I will be able to take advantage of more opportunities in college where money may have restricted me from taking part."



Jakhara Norwood

Jakhara Norwood '17

"I greatly appreciated receiving the Margaret Wade Lewis Memorial Endowment Scholarship. This scholarship helped me take a step back from working to really focus on my studies in my senior year of college. It alleviated a large amount of my financial burdens and really allowed me to be stress free."


Victoria Lopez

Victoria Lopez '18

"Thanks to the Margaret Wade Lewis Memorial Scholarship, I was able to finish with a double major in Political Science and English."


Jason Vasquez

Jason Vasquez '19

"With this endowment, I have been able to worry less about the financial hardship of higher education and focus more on my studies."


Kevin Castel

Kevin L. Castel '18

"Receiving the Margaret Wade Lewis Memorial Endowment is assurance that someone believes in me. I can pursue my dreams, with the drive of helping the generation after me."


Nicole Cruz '19

"Receiving the Margeret Wade Memorial Scholarship Endowment meant not having to ask my parents for money they really don't have. Being chosen for this gave me a sense of reassurance that I'm on the path to success and that I'm worthy of being recognized, even if I think I'm not."