Student Accounts

Billing Information

Hugo in front of SUB glass

All billing is done online through students' accounts. Paper invoices are no longer mailed as part of an effort to reduce costs and be more environmentally conscious.

Please follow the steps below to see your semester charges:

  1. Accept your financial responsibility and register for your classes.
  2. Check your SUNY New Paltz email account for an email alerting you that your invoice is available for viewing online.
  3. Log on to your account
  4. Click on the "Money" link
  5. Confirm your attendance and use the "Payment Center" to make payment arrangements for your semester's invoice.

Students who are billed Health Insurance have the opportunity to complete the Health Insurance Waiver online if they have their own coverage or are covered by a family member. The deadline for waivers is the end of the second week of the semester. Waivers received after that period will not be honored.

The Office of Student Accounts will only discuss a student's account with someone the student authorizes. Authorization may be given online option through the student's account via the "Students" tab. Click on "General," then "Information Release Waiver," and lastly "Add person." Once a person has been designated, a pop-up screen appears that explains what the release of information entails and provides the authorized individual with a PIN number.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at or 845 257-3150.