Student Accounts


Refunds are issued when the total amount of Financial Aid exceeds the charges on a student's account. When this happens, Student Accounts will issue a refund of the credit balance to the student. In cases where the credit is generated by a parent PLUS loan, the refund be issued to the borrower) 

In most cases, credit balances are derived from a combination of NY state grants such as TAP and the SUNY Tuition Credit, and Federal Title IV aid. Title IV funds include:

  • Pell
  • SEOG
  • Direct Subsidized loan
  • Direct Unsubsidized loan
  • PLUS loan.

When the combination of all these awards exceeds the invoice amount, a refund is generated and issued to the student within 14 days.

>>For information regarding course withdrawals, please read the section entitled "Tuition Refund Policy".<<

How to receive your refund FASTER!:

If you sign up for eREFUNDS, refunds will be directly deposited into your Account! Sign up today at Click on the MONEY tab and go to your in PAYMENT CENTER. Just enter your Checking account and routing numbers and you're all set!

Students who live on campus will receive notification via email that an exchange check is ready for them in the Mail Room located in HAB 8B. A photo ID must be presented to receive the check. Students who live off campus will have their checks mailed to them. 

NOTE: If the credit is incurred by an overpayment made by personal check, the check will be held for a 30 day clearing period from the date the payment posted.