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This page is meant to be a resource to you as you work with students who are considering participating on a SUNY New Paltz study abroad program or are looking for more information about faculty-led programs. Contact us with your questions and additional information about getting started.



  • Credits earned on any SUNY study abroad program are "credits in residence" (not transfer credits) and will appear on the official New Paltz transcript.
  • Last semester seniors can participate in SUNY study abroad programs. Students are encouraged to speak with both their Academic Advisor and their Study Abroad Advisor prior to finalizing their study abroad decision so that they understand issues related to their expected graduation and the processing of their grades. Please see point number 3 and visit FAQs under 'General Questions.'

  • Study abroad grades typically arrive at the New Paltz campus three months after our New Paltz  grading deadline and may delay a last semester senior's official graduation date.

  • Students going on SUNY study abroad programs should seek pre-approval  from their advisor for all SUNY study abroad courses.  Students are provided with the Prospective Overseas Course Pre-Approval Form for the purposes of gaining pre-approval for prospective courses overseas. 

  • Students going on SUNY study abroad programs should have alternate course selections in case they need to change their schedule during the registration process at the overseas host university.

  • Study abroad students should have their academic advisor's contact information when they go on study abroad programs.

  • Study abroad students should discuss pre-registration arrangements with their academic advisor before they go on study abroad so they are prepared to select courses for their return to the New Paltz campus.

  • SUNY study abroad courses receive letter grades, not Pass/Fail.

  • The grades the students receive from the host institution are added to the New Paltz cumulative GPA.

  • Study abroad General Education and Elective equivalencies are evaluated by the Academic Advising Office. A special form, the Overseas Academic Course Approval Form, is available at Records or Academic Advising for this purpose. This form is filed in the Records Office.

  • Study abroad Major and Minor equivalencies are determined by the corresponding academic department and should be listed on the student's major/minor plan. The SUNY Overseas Academic Program form can also be used for this purpose. This information should also be noted in the students major/minor plan of study.

  • SUNY New Paltz students can participate in any of the more than 400 study abroad programs offered in the SUNY system.

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