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Health and Safety Abroad

The Center for International Programs places student health, safety, security and general well-being as a first priority. In order to facilitate management of risks, the study abroad staff takes a number of measures to help promote proactive planning and safety while abroad. These measures include: 

  • Daily monitoring of world-wide situations affecting US students abroad using reliable sources
  • Individual advising around health and safety concerns
  • Individual and group training prior to program departure
  • Up to date and relevant online resources and training
  • Emergency planning and response
  • Good communication with students, faculty advisors, campus staff, overseas partners, parents, on-site staff, etc.
  • Comprehensive international insurance coverage to all participants.
Life is filled with risks, but we try to minimize these risks on our programs. Although no one can guarantee safety or security in any part of the world, international travel can be very safe, especially if one takes specific steps to prepare for it.

What you can do:

Equally important to our office and staff being up to date on Health and Safety information and training is our students being well prepared to travel abroad. We expect the following from our students:
  • Complete all required application forms in a timely manner
  • Read all of the Learning Content provided on their application page
  • Make use of the resources we provide and do their own research on their destination
  • Attend both the pre - departure orientation given by SUNY New Paltz and the on-site orientation provided by their host institution
  • Prepare themselves for an emergency by reading the emergency procedures in their Learning Content and filling out their green emergency contact card (given prior to departure).

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