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Choosing a Program

View study abroad program choices at SUNY New Paltz and search by country, region, host university, GPA requirements and more.

After considering the potential benefits of studying abroad, you must still ask yourself why you, yourself, want to study abroad. Take some time to think about your reasons, for they will become your goals and your personal measures of success. Perhaps you want to learn a second language, or improve one you already know. You might want to learn about another culture, diversify your studies, prepare for graduate school, or volunteer in your host community. Maybe you want to travel and meet new people. Whatever your reasons are, write them down and share them with your professors, family, friends and Study Abroad Advisor.

Each person has a certain way of prioritizing what they want from their study abroad experience. What is most important to you?  Take time to consider to what degree each of these factors will impact your program choice decision.





What courses do you want to take abroad that will satisfy your general education or degree requirements?  A summer subject search is also available.


Would you like to study in an English language environment, learn another language, or improve the one you are studying at the moment? Are you interested in opportunities to take courses in English in a non-English speaking country?


When do you want to go and for how long? Study abroad opportunities exist in the fall or spring semester, an academic year, summer, or intersession. Which semester or term makes the most sense in order to maintain your academic progress? A conversation with your academic advisor can help to answer these questions.


What does the program cost? Do you receive financial aid? Are there financial opportunities or scholarships available? Who will be paying for the costs associated with the program? 

SUNY programs are affordable! View program costs on our program brochure pages and compare it to what you would be billed per semester at SUNY New Paltz for tuition, housing, and a meal plan. 

Most students have financial concerns about studying abroad! Please contact your Study Abroad Advisor today to learn more and express your concerns.


Are you interested in interning or volunteering during your time abroad? Are you interested in participating on a service-learning program? Would you like to conduct research, work observations, or other special projects? Many SUNY New Paltz programs provide students the opportunity to intern, volunteer, or conduct research; see the program pages for more information.


All students who participate on a SUNY New Paltz program will have the support of a Study Abroad Advisor and the Center for International Programs in addition to a university partner at the host university. However, some programs offer more support in country than others. For example, some programs have a full time Resident Director or part time On-Site Coordinator dedicated working exclusively with SUNY students. Other programs have an International Office with several full-time staff members dedicated to working with all incoming international students. Many host university campuses offer accommodation, counseling, student union, academic advising, and internship/volunteer placement services, but the support from these offices may be different than what a North American student is accustomed to.

Is it important for you to have a high level of support on your program or do you feel you are more independent and self-motivated?


Is a particular type of accommodation important to you (student apartment, host family, on-campus residence hall, international house)? Some programs allow students to choose between different types of housing but have only one type of accommodation available to students.

Many students whose primary goal is to become more proficient in another language are interested in staying with a host family, for example, because of the language and cultural exchange possibilities of that type of housing. View housing options on the program brochure pages.


SUNY students can study abroad on any SUNY program and earn SUNY credit and keep their federal and state financial aid. Each campus administers their own programs and decides their own application process, deadlines, costs, and student advising and support practices.

SUNY New Paltz students can benefit from participating on a SUNY New Paltz program because there are financial opportunities specifically reserved for them, such as the Global Scholar Program Opportunity. Also, they can take advantage of all of the programs that SUNY New Paltz has to offer. Lastly, SUNY New Paltz is recognized in the SUNY system as a leader in international education and students can benefit from the support and on-campus training, advising, and programming offered by experienced and knowledgeable staff.

If SUNY New Paltz does not offer a program that is a good fit for a student, SUNY students are encouraged to search for programs within the SUNY system.

Some students may be interested in a program offered outside of the SUNY system. Students are encouraged to discuss these program options with his or her study abroad advisor. SUNY students participating on a non-SUNY program will need to get prior approval from his or her academic department and take a leave of absence from SUNY. It is not guaranteed that a SUNY student participating on a non-SUNY program will retain their financial aid.


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