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Serve on a Committee

Much of the work to move forward sustainability across the campus is accomplished through committees.  Student representatives are included on all of these committees.  If you’re interested in joining one of these committees, reach out to the main point of contact listed to learn how to get involved.

Sustainability Committee
The official campus committee with representatives from across campus tasked with forwarding sustainability across campus. 
Main point of contact: Lisa Mitten

Green Revolving Fund Committee
A subcommittee of the campus sustainability committee is responsible for reviewing funding requests to access green revolving funds to promote clean energy and other sustainability projects on campus.
Main point of contact: Michael Sheridan

Environmental Task Force
A network of SUNY New Paltz students and faculty as well as local community members forwarding environmental issues on campus and across our region.
Main point of contact: Daniel Lipson

Campus Auxiliary Services Board of Directors
Several student members sit on the Campus Auxiliary Services Board of Directors, which oversees many aspects of campus life including dining services and the beverage & vending contract.  Sustainability opportunities and approaches are intertwined with many of the services that CAS offers students.
Main point of contact: Steve Deutsch