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Career Planning

1. Exploring Self and Careers (Deciding on a major)
Students must declare majors prior to registering for their junior year (spring sophomore year) by filing a Declaration of Major form with the Records and Registration Office. This section is designed to help students select a major that will suit their skills, interests, and goals as they complete their education and develop career plans.

Majors and Minors offered at New Paltz

Resources for connecting majors to careers:

Connecting Career to Personality, Interests, Skills, and Values:

For students exploring a variety of career paths and interests, the Career Resource Center offers:

Resources for Career Exploration: Learn about careers & occupations from

Practical Experience for Career Exploration:

2. Career Planning and Prep
Before you take the next step and apply for internships and other opportunities, we want to make sure that you have all the tools you will need. You will begin to build your professional brand. Learning and mastering these skills will be useful to you now and in your future.

The Career Resource Center offers the following services to assist students in their preparation to apply for internships, full-time jobs, and applying to graduate school.

3. Gaining Experience
Enhance your academic learning with multiple experiential learning experiences, also known as applied learning experiences. Gaining experience helps you clarify your career interests and enhances your resume. Employers and graduate schools select candidates who are able to articulate their experience/learning outside of the classroom, as well as in-class learning. 

4. Gaining Employment/Applying to Graduate School
You will continue to gain experience but now you will be applying for full-time positions or graduate school after you graduate. This section provides you with some resources to guide you in this process.

Full-Time Job:

Graduate School:

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