Home of the first Makerbot Innovation Lab
and Stratasys Superlab

Welcome to the HVAMC


The HVAMC provides expert advice on 3D printing process and materials and designing for additive manufacturing  to the SUNY New Paltz and the Hudson Valley business community.  Our collection of 3D printers constitute some of the most advanced technology at any academic lab in the country and are available for the campus and wider community to print on.​​


Smiley Art Building 100
State University of New York at New Paltz
1 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, NY

Congressman Antonio Delgado visited the HVAMC on Tuesday, April 23

"By touring the campus and meeting with President Donald P. Christian, I was able to learn more about the impressive opportunities in higher education available to students," Congressman Delgado said. "I was particularly impressed with the innovation and technology at the school’s Advanced Manufacturing Center. I’m very grateful to the faculty, staff and students I met with and greatly appreciated discussing ways to make college education more affordable and accessible. I look forward to continuing the conversation and returning to campus in the future.”


Thank you to our generous sponsors who contributed to the Central Hudson Challenge and helped us exceed our goal with support from the SUNY New Paltz Foundation, Inc.:

Ira Schreck '74

Murali Chigurupati


Katherine Wilson

SAB 100
(845) 257-7887

Daniel Freedman

Science Hall, Room 154
(845) 257-3728

Aaron Nelson

SAB 100
(845) 257-7887