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Hudson Valley Writing Project

In the News

Special thanks to our local reporters and publishers who have featured the Hudson Valley Writing Project in a number of articles and stories. Please click the links below to read about the various programming opportunities that have taken place. 

HVWP Teacher Consultants Write 

A Love Letter to My Student Writers 
by Michelle Bulla 

Reader Idea: A New Research and Argument-Writing Approach Helps Students Break Out of the Echo Chamber 
The New York Times 
by Jacqueline Hesse and Christine McCartney 

Learning Alongside Them: About Student Choice and Modern-Day Slavery 
The English Record, Fall / Winter 2018 
by Jacqueline Hesse 

Developing Students Mindsets Though Service Learning 
Education Week 
by Christine McCartney and Jacqueline Hesse 

Teaching Through the Storm 
by Jennifer Howard 

Making Sure Students Feel Safe in Uncertain Times 
Education Week Teacher 
by Julie Jee 

Teaching the Whole Teacher 
by Christine Zandstra