Office of Veteran & Military Services

Exam Proctoring Policy


Pursuant to Responsibility for administration and proctoring of all course examinations

SUNY New Paltz will assume responsibility for the administration and proctoring of all course examinations not normally administered and proctored within the traditional, in-the-classroom setting.

-If a course examination needs proctoring, SUNY New Paltz will supply the student with the necessary proctoring requirements.

-The student will be responsible for, but may request assistance from SUNY new Paltz’ Office of Extended Learning to locate a credentialed proctoring site.

SUNY New Paltz will allow students to solicit a proctor from, but not limited to, the following agencies with appropriate staff:

-an accredited community college

-an accredited college or university

-an authorized vocational or technical school

-a military installation education office

-a high school, middle school or elementary school represented by a teacher or an administrator

If a service member is deployed, the member can request the deployed base education training site to proctor any of the SUNY New Paltz exams.

If such a request is denied, SUNY New Paltz will work with the student to ensure they are held at no harm.  This may include, but not limited to:

-an opportunity to submit or make up missing course work to complete the course/program

-selection and completion of comparable course content as agreed by the presenter

-withdrawal from the course/program at no harm to the student

-request a military leave of absence

SUNY New Paltz will assume an associated costs for proctoring at an approved site.