Office of Veteran & Military Services

Undergraduate Readmissions Policy


Undergraduate Re-Enrollment Policy for Service Members
Re-enrollment following a student’s release or return from active duty or mobilization is handled through the Academic Advising Center.  All students who leave in good academic standing who have been given a military leave of absence (ML) and have not enrolled in a degree-seeking program at another institution are eligible to return without time limit unless there are other encumbrances to their enrollment or when accreditation or other external policies impose time limits.

Deferred Enrollment for Newly Accepted Service Members
Applicants to the College who have accepted an offer of admission by submitting the Pre-Enrollment Deposit, but who have not yet registered in a degree program, are eligible to defer enrollment.  They are permitted to enroll with the next entering class following discharge from active duty, provided the College receives adequate notice of the applicant’s intention to enroll.  The applicant need not reapply for admission or pay an additional application fee.